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Sergio Laspalas

The Company is established with the aim of becoming the first travel agency specialized in cinema / TV series tourism and touristic offer will be materialized in tourism / touristic ‘packs’based in‘experiences’, that can be any kind of format, current or futureof shows based in films or TV series.

The company will create and develop such shows, counting in technical partners in all different areas needed (AR, VR and some othernew technologic advancesthat enhance interaction/ user-creation / real-time broadcasting as some examples).

After having analyzed closely the film and the tourism industry, by key people in the team with decades of experience in such industries, and after more than 3 years developing the idea giving ears to key companies and individuals involved in both fields, cinema (and TV series) have a big potential in giving to fans and tourist the opportunity of living the stories and the characters much far away and far longer in their lifes, and thus creating and capturating strong value in both the film / TV series industries and also in the tourism industry.

The figures show that ‘tourism based in films / cinema / TV series’ count already for a 5% of global tourism market size, that means more than 233 billion euros (US).Only in Spain 4.500 millon euros are spent eachyear (cita) in tourism based or related with audiovisual creations.

‘We make livefilms and series withinfansfor their lifes’©

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