The most specialized company in locations in Toledo and the central area of Spain: Cathedrals, Churches, Monasteries, Palaces, Castles… and all the facilities to shoot.

How can we help you?

  • We locate and facilitate contact with the owner of the space.
  • We advise on the choice of the most suitable space (we are specialists in history and art).
  • We advise on the legal process of the contract.
  • We carry out all intermediation services with the owner.
  • We give personalized attention to production, art and others teams.
    We accompany you on prospecting visits.
  • We help you get permits from THE local police and the City Council.
  • We offer you surveillance, cleaning and catering services if the production company requires them.

Evocarte Locations


Cathedral of Toledo

The Cathedral of Toledo is a medieval temple from the XIII century until XV, with an amazing major altar, several chapels, cloister, and paintings museum inside

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