Villa di Corliano

Villa di Corliano (Pi)

It was built during the first half of the fifteenth century as a summer residence at the foot of Monte Pisano.

The compound includes, in an enclosed park of 6 hectares which separates it from the village bearing the same name: the villa, the farm, the stables, the mill, the cellars, the coffeehouse, the outdoor theater, 2 nymphs and the church of SS Peter and Paul. Originally the property belonged to the Venulei family from Pisa, a family of ancient Etruscan origin; the current owners bought the compound in 1536 from the Spini family of Florence, who had undertaken some works starting from the first half of the fifteenth century. The complex is an example of the economic force of  the Pisan aristocracy in the sixteenth century;  in 1616 the Florentine Vincenzo Pitti described the villa Corliano as “the most beautiful building around Pisa”.

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