A small group of mountains covering about 18,000 hectares located in the northwest of Tuscany, between the cities of Pisa and Lucca, at about 10 km away from the G. Galilei International Airport.

11,000 hectares of woods and Mediterranean bush, 5,000 hectares of terraced areas, mostly cultivated with olive trees, surround the mountain which reaches, the height of 917 meters with ‘Monte Serra’.

The main product of the area is extra virgin olive oil, whose production is based on a chain of medium- sized olive growers: a combination of tradition and innovation with an excellent result from the qualitative, and nutritional point of view.

In addition to the high environmental value, the Monte Pisano represents an extraordinary opportunity to discover: more than 400 km of paths, the circuit of Romanesque Parish Churches dating back to the 12° century, the hydraulic system of the aqueducts handed down from the time of the Medici Family, the Monumental Charterhouse of Pisa located in Calci that hosts one of the oldest museums of Natural History in the world, the circuit of the Historical Villas, the medieval villages nestled in the mountains, the food and wine proposals.

The potential

In 2013 our company carried out a work of analysis and mapping of the Monte Pisano territory to assess its potential and evaluate the attractiveness of the tourist offer for national and international markets. The main weakness was in the fact that, being splitted into 7 Municipalities from an administrative point of view, the area had never been promoted as a homogeneous destination, enhancing its diversity in an unique tourism product.

Hence the idea of estabilishing a travel agency / tour operator incoming devoted to the territory with the task of organizing, coordinating and commercialize the tourist offer.


In 2014 Montepisano Destination Management Company was founded with the aim of promoting sustainable tourism development of the territory, integrating and supporting local economy.

Income integration for operators in the area, and for olive growers in particular, represents a lever against the abandonment of olive groves and for the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the Destination.
The involvement of all actors operating in the area with different skills has been made possible through the establishment of a Network of Entreprises “Montepisano Welcoming Territory”.

Founded in 2014, the network brings together thirty of the small business owners who offer accommodation, food services, local products, tourist and hiking guides, bikes rental and transport for their guests.

The DMC Montepisano is the leading organization of the Montepisano Business Network.

Montepisano Locations


Vicopisano Vicopisano, in Pisa, Toscana, Italy, splendid medieval village located on the eastern slope of the Pisa mountain. A dream place that you cannot miss.

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Caprona tower

Tower of Caprona

How about shooting a movie or visiting the Tower of Caprona, mentioned by Dante Alighieri in Epigrafe in the XXI° canto dell’Inferno?

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