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Silvia Paglia

Netgate is a service company that was born from a small Internet provider present in Ravenna in the 90s. The company has evolved and is currently active in various areas of activity:

  • design of solutions and provision of ICT services, mainly to connected structures, for which it owns a large part of the Data Center and equipment, while managing its functions;

  • supply of management services both in the ICT area and in other sectors, through internal staff with expertise in both the technical and administrative fields;

  • carrying out and coordinating research and development activities in various areas;

  • management of shareholding and investments, both tangible and intangible.

Network services

Rental services of complex ICT infrastructures, also providing assistance, continuity and technical support services.

management services Netgate
Management services

Technical and managerial provision and coordination of research and development activities, mainly in the ICT sector.

Web Digital Signage Netgate
Web Digital Signage

WDS, it is a digital signage solution which allows the management and the distribution of multimedia content, such as advertising and promotions, through remote displays.
It allows to start new marketing campaigns and cross-sell marketing
practice thanks to an easy-to-use software.

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